Alpine 3010RE
System Schematic

Basic Parts List

Installation Notes

This installation was done in stages.  The first stage was completed in 2014 and included the batteries, inverter and all the related components.  I added a subpanel and moved the desired circuits to be powered by the inverter to the subpanel.  This 5th wheel had an RV gas absorption refrigerator in it and the refrigerator was wired to a circuit that powered other items in the kitchen.  I had to isolate the refrigerator’s wiring to its own circuit so the 120 volt side of the refrigerator would not be powered by the inverter.  This process was complicated by the fact the refrigerator was in a slide, but it was not insurmountable.  Not long after I completed this phase of the installation, the owner took the 5th wheel to an RV repair shop to have some repairs (unrelated to the installation) completed.  The owner of the repair shop asked who did the inverter installation and wanted to know if that person wanted a job.  This information was passed on to me and put a smile on my face.  I still had a full time job back then and wasn’t ready to go down that road.  The second phase of the installation was the addition of the solar controller, solar panels and related equipment.  This happened in early 2017.  I was adding solar to my 5th wheel at that time and approached the owner of this 5th wheel about doing the same to his.  He was immediately interested and jumped at the chance to upgrade his system’s capabilities.

Alpine 3010 RE