Forest River Berkshire XL 40E
System Schematic

Basic Parts List

Installation Notes

This installation was completed in October of 2022.  The owner of this rig was referred to me by Battle Born Batteries.  He brought his rig to me for a consultation and discussion about a potential installation/upgrade.  The motorhome had an existing Magnum 2812 pure sine wave inverter tied into the onboard touchscreen controls.  It also had an OEM 100 watt solar panel with a basic solar controller and two aftermarket 200 watt solar panels that had been added to the system. 

We talked about his needs and I later put together a proposal for a solar and battery upgrade.  The owner accepted the proposal and we set an installation date. The installation was pretty straight forward.  I removed the six existing six volt lead acid batteries and replaced them with six Battle Born GC2 100 amp hour lithium batteries.  I had to make some minor tweaks to the battery compartment to make the batteries fit, but they all fit quite nicely.  I also added a Victron SmartShunt in the battery bay to monitor the battery bank.  I then removed the OEM solar controller and replaced it with a Victron 150/100 MPPT.  The OEM solar controller was in the bay next to the batteries.  This bat was also where the Magnum inverter, power cord real and other electrical components were located.  I had to move the power cord real over slightly to make room for the larger Victron solar controller and the Midnite Solar Babybox DIN rail breaker box, but otherwise it went in fairly easily.  I utilized the existing 10 AWG solar wiring installed by the manufacturer to connect the solar panels to the solar controller.  I removed the existing solar panels and replaced them with eight Newpowa 200 watt solar panels.  The solar panels were installed in a 4S2P configuration to get the voltage up and keep the amperage low enough to properly utilize the existing solar wire.  Once the installation was completed, the customer returned to pick up his rig.  He was very happy with the installation and was looking forward to putting it to use.

Forest River Berkshire XL 40E