Grand Design Imagine 2670MK
System Schematic

Basic Parts List

Installation Notes

This installation was completed in December of 2023.  This customer came to me through his son.  I had previously done an installation on the son’s RV and the customer now wanted me to add solar to his RV.  The customer had already purchased two Battle Born 100 amp hour batteries, but had not installed them.  He wanted to upgrade the OEM solar installation and have the new batteries installed.  The customer had no desire for an inverter at this time.

Based on my conversations with the customer, I put together a proposal to meet his modest power needs.  The plan was to remove the OEM (165 watt) solar panel and solar controller and replace them with larger panels (two 365 watt panels) and a Victron MPPT solar controller.  Install the new batteries inside the trailer and remove the original batteries from the trailer tongue.  Replace the OEM converter with a larger Lithium compatible converter.  And finally, add a battery monitor to track the batteries’ status.  The customer agreed to the proposal and we set an installation date.

The system install went pretty smoothly.  I was able to install all the equipment in the pass through storage at the front of the trailer.  I added some plywood to the wall of the compartment to support the weight of the new equipment (and also provide an installation point for an inverter charger in the future if desired).  The installation took approximately one day to complete.  The Victron system components all communicate over an internal Bluetooth network to coordinate charging efforts. 

Grand Design Imagine 2670MK