Grand Design Imagine 2670MK
System Schematic

Basic Parts List

Installation Notes

This installation was completed in November of 2023.  I met this customer when I was presenting at a Grand Design rally.  The customer approached me about upgrading the OEM battery and adding an inverter to the system.  I put together a proposal and the customer agreed to it.  As the installation date drew closer, the customer also decided to upgrade the solar.  The customer reported the existing solar panel was no longer keeping the OEM battery charged.  The customer wasn’t sure if it was an issue with the solar side of the system or the battery.  I updated the proposal and we moved forward with the installation.   

The system install went pretty smoothly.  The customer decided to provide his own lithium batteries to save a little money on the overall installation.  I was happy to install the two LiTime 200 amp hour batteries (with 200 amp BMS’s).  I was able to install all the equipment in the pass through storage at the front of the trailer.  I added some plywood to the wall of the compartment to support the weight of the new equipment.  The installation took two and a half days overall.  The Victron system components all communicate over an internal Bluetooth network to coordinate charging efforts. 

During the installation, I discovered why the OEM solar panel was no longer charging the OEM battery.  At some point the solar panel connections to the roof penetration box were broken.  The panel was still connected to the roof penetration box, but the connections were no longer secure.  They were good enough to provide voltage readings with a meter.  However, as soon as a load was applied to the system, the broken connections caused a severe voltage drop and wouldn’t provide enough power to the OEM solar controller to provide a charge to the battery.  I was able to correct this issue by replacing the connections and roof penetration with new parts.  I needed to replace the roof penetration box anyway because Grand Design used a box with proprietary connectors instead of the standard MC4 connectors typically used for solar panels.

Grand Design Imagine 2670MK