Grand Design Solitude ST310GK
System Schematic

Basic Parts List

Installation Notes

This installation was completed in December of 2021. The owner of this 5th wheel contacted me after speaking with a previous customer of mine.  When he contacted me, I had just completed an estimate for the same 5th wheel make/model/floorplan for another customer.  This customer told me what he wished to accomplish with his RV system and it was very similar to what the previous customers wanted.  After some discussions, I basically offered him a carbon copy of my previous design.  The system design would be capable of providing power and conveniences while boondocking for extended periods.  The customer accepted the design proposal and we moved forward.  I ordered parts and we scheduled an installation date.  While waiting for parts to arrive, the customer contacted me again and told me he wished to be able to tilt his solar panels when in use.  I recommended a tilt mount system for the proposed solar panels and the customer accepted.  Upon the installation appointment, the customer brought the 5th wheel to me and I began the installation process.  I had just completed the twin system the week prior, so this installation process went fairly easily and quickly.  I was able to shorten the overall installation time by half a day because of my experience on the previous duplicate installation.

This particular floor plan had lots of open space behind the basement wall, which made it pretty easy to install all the equipment out of sight and out of the way.  The customer actually gained additional storage space in the generator compartment because the OEM batteries were removed from that area.  This freed up that space for other items.  The system was based around four Battleborn 100 amp hour batteries and a Victron Multiplus II inverter/charger.  The Multiplus II was installed in line ahead of the main power panel and can power all electrical circuits in the trailer (within the capabilities of the inverter).  All the components went in with no issues.  There was plenty of room left over to allow for expansion of the battery bank in the future if desired as well.  In fact I made the customer extra battery interconnect cables to add two more Battle Born batteries later.  There is also room on the roof for additional solar if desired.  This 5th wheel came from the factory with easy roof access to the middle of the basement storage compartment, making installing the solar panel wiring an easy task.  Once the installation was complete, the customers returned to pick up the 5th wheel He was very happy with the final product and was looking forward to taking it out and using his new system.  

GD Solitude ST310GK