System Schematic

Basic Parts List

Installation Notes

This installation was completed in September of 2023.  The owners of this houseboat contacted me in April while I was at the marina working on another boat.  They purchased the boat with an existing 48 volt Outback Power system that included an Inverter Charger and Solar Controller connected to Trojan L16 Lead Acid batteries.  They had some concerns about the batteries and asked if I could take a look at the system.  I could tell the batteries had boiled over at some point based on the condition of the battery compartment, but overall the system was performing satisfactorily.  The customer did ask me to install a shore connection at the back of the boat so they could use their Honda portable generator to provide power.  I was able to do this quickly for the customer.

The customer contacted me again in August.  They wanted to replace their battery bank with a lithium bank and upgrade the outback system to a Victron system.  The customer had nine 300 watt panels in place on the roof of the boat already and did not need any additional solar.  I came up with a couple of options for the customer and they chose one and we set an installation date.

The overall installation was pretty straight forward.  The batteries and equipment were easily accessible in a closet area at the rear of the boat.  I removed the existing equipment and replaced it with the Victron equipment the customer wanted.  I was able to utilize the existing solar and 120 volt wiring from the original system and connect it up to the new components.  I then replaced the existing DC wiring from the DC power panel all the way back to the new equipment and batteries with new custom built cables.  The whole process took less than two days.

Once the installation was complete, I spent some time teaching the customer how to use all the components and their corresponding app interfaces.  I also connected the system to the internet and set up a VRM portal connection for the customer.  The customer was very pleased with how much simpler the system was to interact with compared to the previous Outback system.

A couple weeks later, the customer had me come back and add two Micro Air Easy Starts to the on board RV style air conditioners.  This allowed the air conditioners to be run from the Multiplus rather than having to fire up the generator to run them.