Tiffin Zephyr
System Schematic

Basic Parts List

Installation Notes

This installation was completed in January of 2024.  The owners of this motorhome want to be able to travel more and boondock without having to run the onboard generator regularly.  The motorhome had a residential refrigerator and a factory installed Magnum 2812 inverter charger with an ME-RC50 remote panel and ME-AGS.  The OEM installation included a battery monitor with the other Magnum components, but it was installed next to the inverter and only measured the inverter loads.

The owners were interested in upgrading their system to better, more capable components, including adding lithium batteries and solar.  They went with Victron components for the new equipment and wanted Battle Born lithium batteries.  The OEM battery bank consisted of eight Lifeline AGM batteries.  The owner requested it be replaced with eight Battle Born 100 amp hour lithium batteries.  This more than doubled the available battery capacity in the rig.  The OEM solar package consisted of two 110 watt solar panels connected to a simple PWM solar controller.  This solar was replaced with eight 200 watt Newpowa solar panels in a 4S2P configuration mated to a 150/100 MPPT solar controller.  The OEM Magnum inverter charger powered a sub panel in the rig.  The owner wanted this same set up for the new Victron system, so I replaced it with a Multiplus II 3KVA (1×120) inverter charger.  I also added a Smartshunt and positioned it correctly to monitor all energy going to/from the battery bank.  Finally, I added a Cerbo-S GX with a seven inch touch panel to monitor and control all the components.

The installation went smoothly, with no major issues.  As is typical with most diesel pusher motorhomes the wire runs were a bit difficult, but I was able to get everything in place with a bit of work.  

Tiffin Zephyr