Vortex Platinum
System Schematic

Basic Parts List

Installation Notes

This installation was completed in May 2022.   The owner of this toy hauler contacted me in January regarding building a system for his rig.  We had a number of discussions about possible system configurations and what the owner wanted to accomplish with the system.  The owner brought the rig to me at one point so I could get a better feel for the layout of the roof and the storage compartments.  This helped greatly in coming up with a detailed estimate and installation plan for the system.  The owner eventually agreed upon a final system configuration and we scheduled an installation appointment.

When the owner brought the rig to me for the installation, he had already completed some work to make the installation go more smoothly.  The owner reconfigured some water and waste piping behind the basement wall to better utilize the space there for system components.  The owner also cut out an opening above the generator compartment to allow better access to the dead space above the generator for system components.  The owner also installed a pressure washer and an ARB air compressor in the front compartment next to the generator.  Part of my installation process was to wire in these new components.  Finally, the owner added some custom brackets and had a custom wall board cut to mount to those brackets in the old OEM battery compartment.  The owner wanted some switching, 12 volt and 120 volt connections mounted to this new wall, which I did as part of the installation.

This toy hauler originally had a basic inverter, solar controller and solar panel installed as OEM equipment.  The owner removed the OEM Go Power solar controller and solar panel before he brought the rig to me.  I removed the inverter as part of the installation process.  The new system consisted of eight Battle Born 100 amp hour batteries, two Victron Multiplus 3KVA inverter chargers, a Lynx Power In, a Lynx Distributor, a 1000 amp SmartShunt, a Cerbo GX, a GX Touch 50 display, an MPPT 150/100 solar controller connected to four REC 365 watt panels, and an MPPT 150/60 solar controller connected to four NewPowa 210 watt panels. 

There were also other additional items added, including an Atkinson Electronics generator interface and a new Surge Guard electronic management system transfer switch.  All of the system components were fitted in dead spaces previously unutilized in the trailer behind the basement wall and above the generator compartment.  This meant the owner lost no storage space as a result of the installation.  The owner was very happy with the final installation results.

Vortex Platinum Toy Hauler